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Ian Murray MP on Palestinian prisoners

Writing to one’s elected representatives is often a thankless, miserable and useless activity. At the moment, though, I seem to have acquired myself an MP who is not only delightfully sympathetic to most of the things I spam him about, but actually replies as well (or at least has efficient staff who do so). The latest example being the issue of the recent three-week hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails:

I visited Gaza back in July for the very purpose of a humanitarian visit and to hear about the plight of Palestinian prisoners. I put an extensive report together on my visit in my August eMagazine that you can read here:
or the pdf.
I met with the families of 100 prisoners when I was there and heard their stories. The injustice is immeasurable. I only hope that recent events with the prisoner transfer is the beginning of resolving some of these issues.
We have already raised these issues with the Foreign Secretary and they are working through this with the Red Cross who do a wonderful job in this regard.
I fully agree with the EDMs you have listed but, unfortunately, I have been promoted to a Shadow Ministerial position and, by convention, I’m no longer able to sign EDMs. I do keep a strong interest in this subject as a Member of the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East.
The situation is now becoming critical but I am confident that there is a general international movement towards resolving the situation and the actions of Israel in these issues do not assist their cause.

The last point may be a little over-optimistic, but it would be nice if he manages to maintain these positions if he ever gets beyond being a shadow minister…

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