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Palestine through different lenses

Today, I have researched, downloaded and examined so many bloody photographs for exhibition that I am starting to loath the upcoming Hebron-Leichhardt festival more than I can express.
Nevertheless, these amazing images of Palestine by Luke Powell, taken in the 1980s, are well worth a look. As is this article and the accompanying images – although the politics are questionable, via both its association with Bar Ilan University (which helped to establish the higher education institution in Ariel settlement) and the circumstances of some of the photos themselves, in one case taken by an Israeli soldier during a raid. But it is interesting (and disturbing) for its photo of a much younger Zakaria Zubeidi, and of the early days of the Israeli occupation of Gaza.
In a completely different league of photographic crapness, I also unearthed some lousy scans of photos I took in and around Bethlehem during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. They’re here.

2 comments on “Palestine through different lenses

  1. Ozziebob
    June 1, 2011

    Thanks, Sarah, for the link to Luke Powell’s photographs. Such lyricism. I was particularly interested to see the shots he took in that incredible landscape between Al Quds and Jericho. I’ve travelled along that road by bus a number of times but never had the opportunity to stop and explore.

    • Antoine Raffoul
      July 29, 2013

      Hi Sarah,

      I just came across this page where you mention Luke Powell’s photos of Palestine. I was in touch with Luke in the 1990s when I was researching old photos of Palestine. We connected immediately, and consequently agreed to buy the whole archive on Palestine from Luke including the Copyright.

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