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Stephen Lawrence

It’s hit the news today that two men are to stand trial for the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 – the murder that led to the official (though hardly surprising) revelations of the ‘institutional racism’ of the Metropolitan Police made in the MacPherson Report. For me, a teenaged anti-fascist activist only slightly younger than Lawrence and (like him) living in South London, his death was a major milestone in my political development (along with the less-remembered murder of Afghan translator Ruhullah Aramesh by fascists in Thornton Heath). The main comment I have on today’s news is ABOUT FUCKING TIME.


One comment on “Stephen Lawrence

  1. Lee
    May 18, 2011

    This is so wrong. Mr. Dobson is being denied a basic right which is stipulated in Magna Carta. If the police feel that he is in fact guilty then he should be charged with perjury or perverting the cause of justice…or whatever is appropriate; and yes, make the punishment for committing these crimes a lot more severe.

    The concept of ‘double jeopardy’ exists for a reason – if a verdict can so easily be ignored because it is embarrassing or inconvenient for a new political regime, how can we have faith in the jury system any more? Here lies the first step towards dictatorship.

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