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The Institute for Anarchist Studies Winter 2011 awards

I have reason to be grateful to the Institute for Anarchist Studies. They gave Manchester Radical History the first small grant which helped us get going, not just by publishing articles on the city’s grassroots and political history, but to pay a small sum to each writer who contributed, rather than expecting (as so many online magazines seem to) that progressive writers are happy just to receive ‘Google exposure’ or ‘links’ in payment for their work.
So I was excited to see that this winter’s grant recipients include Asaf Shalev and Clayton Hartmann, for research entitled ‘The Stolen Milk Riots: History and Ramifications of the Israeli Black Panther Movement’. The research synopsis states:

The brief existence of the Israeli Black Panther (IBP) movement has gone relatively unnoticed in both traditional academic publishing as well as radical academic circles. Through their IAS grant-funded research, Asaf and Clayton plan to briefly trace the early beginnings of the IBP movement along with the conditions of the Mizrahi (the term Mizrahi applies to all Jews of Middle Eastern ancestry and ethnicity) ghettos that inspired it. From there they will follow the IBP’s collapse due to the spread of nationalism by the 1973 war and Cointelpro-style repression by the administration of former Prime Minister Golda Meir. They will then finish with a brief examination of how little has actually changed for the Mizrahi community in terms of socioeconomic and political disparity vis-à-vis the Ashkenazi (European Jewish) minority. Asaf and Clayton feel by highlighting the issues of intra-Jewish oppression through the accessible and marketable history of the International Black Panther movement, their research will further help the conflict to be seen not as a simple border struggle between religious camps but rather as the Imperialist project that it is, where the only solution is a no-state solution.

More information on the project and its authors (and on the other IAS funding recipients) is here. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results.
This article is an interesting perspective on the Israeli Black Panthers’ legacy, and the extent to which current members of the movement apparently fail to link the oppression of the Mizrahim with that of Palestinians within Israel and in the West Bank and Gaza.
And here is a link to one of the small number of people/organisations running tours of Jerusalem which give an honest picture of this amazing city and the impact which Judaisation is having on its Palestinian communities.

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