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New article: New ban creates uncertainty for Palestinians working in Israeli Settlements

The WIP, 4th February 2011

The past few weeks have brought confusion and uncertainty for many of the estimated 40-50,000 West Bank Palestinians who work in illegal Israeli settlements. Are they breaking the law by not giving up their jobs? And if they are, will they actually be punished for it? In spring 2010, Palestinian Authority (PA) economic minister Hassan Abu Libdeh announced penalties of up to five years in jail or a $14,000 fine for anyone found working in settlements after the start of 2011. The ban was one of a range of economic boycott measures announced by the PA…

Read the full article here.

One comment on “New article: New ban creates uncertainty for Palestinians working in Israeli Settlements

  1. admin
    February 5, 2011

    A few hours after I posted it, this item got the following piece of attempted spam: “First the trapped miners in Chile and now the riots in Egypt. How much more drama can the Middle East take?”. I didn’t approve the actual piece of spam because I don’t want to give the (real or dodgy? Who knows or cares) laptop battery company that the spam came from a live link, but the content is fascinating. Are the two events chosen because of their high Google ratings? Does the author of the phrase know or care how geographically stupid it makes them look? Has anyone out there ever done any research into the psychology of spam texts? Bizarre.

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