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The Hoff sez No To Nano!

Friends of the Earth Australia - no nanotech campaign

Actually, I have no idea what the Baywatch Bouffant’s beliefs are on nanotechnology and its environmental impacts, but I did like this postcard picked up by Husband on a chips ‘n’ icecream trip to the palindromic Adelaide resort of Glenelg. It’s part of Friends of the Earth Australia’s campaign against nanotech particles being incorporated into lots of sunscreen creams – we’re meant to send David’s mug off to the relevant minister to urge them to halt nanotechnology use until we have a better understanding of its effects. Very worthy, but I’m just enjoying the frivolous opportunity to put a retro pic of Hasselhoff on my blog…

Also quite entertaining was this shop on CafePress, flogging mugs, t-shirts, badges and so on with amusing journalistic-themed slogans. I’d be keener on CafePress if it sold non-sweatshop goods, but the wording is good.

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