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Green Wedge and assorted wankers

A new website, Green Wedge, has been launched in the UK. It seems to be trying to combine politics and music/culture in a way that’s cooler and more environment-conscious than Red Pepper and less SWP-but-not-SWP than Counterfire. It’s certainly started off well, with an excellent piece by Dawn “101wankers” Foster entitled “How the coalition let down my sister“. This focuses on the rising cost of getting not just a university degree but, if you don’t live close to a 6th form college, of even getting A levels (and if you’ve been shunted out to some estate on the outskirts of a town or city, this isn’t an uncommon state of affairs). It discusses student debt and touches on the disturbing rise of the unpaid internship culture amongst many graduate job employers – including NGOs, campaign groups and newspapers who should know better. Is anyone surprised that policy-making, the media and environment/human rights groups are dominated by out-of-touch, white, middle-class people, when the only way you can get an entry-level job in most of them is to work unpaid, in the eyewateringly expensive London housing market, for months at a time? As Dawn Foster makes clear, the situation is only going to get worse in the hands of David ‘sinister’ Cameroon and the turncoat Lib Dems.

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