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Palestine's women photojournalists

The joys of Twitter… thanks to photographer Lucas Mulder (who has done some wonderful work on the settler-besieged West Bank village of Yanoun), I came across this marvellous blog post by Iqbal Tamimi on Palestine’s women photojournalists and photographers over the past century, complete with examples of early work by them as well as notes on the challenges that their modern-day sisters face – both because of their sex and because being a photojournalist in Palestine is rarely safe. Well worth a look.

One comment on “Palestine's women photojournalists

  1. skip schiel
    January 11, 2011


    thanks for this.

    i’ve just returned from teaching and making photography in gaza. and sent the article’s link to my female students there, hoping to inspire them. i’ve also assembled a new set of my photos entitled, “living female in a zone of conflict.” viewable here:


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